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DECO’s revolutionary and highly efficient Game Over LED Retrofit Kits feature easy installation and offer several cost-saving solutions for upgrading fluorescent troffers or parabolics to LED technology. Featuring architectural styling, these kits are compatible with both standard and narrow t-grids and provide a simple retrofit solution that will enhance the aesthetics of any building without the need to disturb the ceiling plenum. Ideal for commercial applications such as offices, classrooms, healthcare facilities, and retail spaces. All of Deco’s Game Over Retrofit Kits feature dimming standard and offer the most advanced LED technology on the market, performing at up to 127 lumens per watt. The GO-LED Retrofit Kits are manufactured with quality components and finishes, resulting in consistent and balanced lighting when mixing configurations in the same space. A main diffuser and slanted troffer prevent glare to produce a pleasant environment with uniform light distribution. With their visual appeal and ease of installation, Deco’s family of GO-LED Retrofit Kits will transform and revamp any space in minutes.


GO-LED Features


  • High reflectance optical engine delivers main beam focus through the optically designed acrylic lens.
  • Linear ribbed acrylic lens overlay manages the balance of efficiency and aesthetics.
  • Choice of Perf Basket, Wide, or Architectural Narrow lens to match your desired aesthetic
  • Delivers next-generation performance of up to 127 lm/W
  • CCT: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
  • CRI: 80+ depending on CCT
  • Lifetime Ratings: L70 - 218,000 Hours, L80 - 131,000 Hours, L90 - 54,000 Hours
  • Reflector distributes light through both optical elements.
  • Linear arrayed LED modules provide soft, but effective illumination.
  • Ideal for recessed commercial applications such as offices, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • The GO Kit will offer its wireless connectivity combination with a mobile application that runs on both iOS and Android platforms, and the fixtures can form a mesh network and connect in almost unlimited numbers to a smart phone. Utilizing Bluetooth Smart®, the fixtures can interact directly with smartphones, without the need of a bridge or router and complicated setup. Plus, the lamps can be operated in public mode, giving access to everyone, and private mode, restricting access to a few people.