18w LED 6" Trim Kit DLED-E-RET-4 100-150w Equivalent 1,440 Lumens Quickship (Energy Star)

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11w LED 4" Trim Kit DLED-E-RET-4 50-100w Equivalent 880 Lumens Quickship (Energy Star)

Deco Lighting’s innovative round 6” Retrofit Downlight is the newest, most efficient, and advanced LED retrofit modules in the marketplace. Its unique design produces high-quality light with a lifetime over 100,000 hours and a ten year warranty to back it up. Delivering a color quality above a 85 CRI rating, the color matching has never been so close, with a binning as low as 3 MacAdams ellipses. It is dimmable and replaces 26W and 42W compact fluorescent lamps. The DLED-E-RET-6 meets all new mandatory CA Title 24 requirements. The Deco LED system is highly engineered work of design and optical science which produces 1440 lumens. Our meticulously crafted optics gather the light scattered by the LED chip and shapes it into a functional beam with uniform light distribution.


  •   Compatible with 6” housing
  •   100,000 Hours with 90% Maintained Lumens
  •   80 Lumens Per Watt
  •   Dimmable to 1% with Selected Dimmers
  •   Replaces a 100-150W Incandescent Lamp or a 26 or 42W Compact Flourescent Luminaire
  •   120VAC
  •   CRI: >85
  •   Suitable for Damp Locations
  •   Spread: 120º