Westinghouse 7060100 Four 1-1/2" Nipples Zinc-Plated

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These nipples are a great choice when constructing a new lamp or repairing an old one. This pack includes four nipples, each one 1-1/2 inches long. Nipples are pipe fittings with two male ends designed to connect two threaded female components, which are quite common in lamps. These nipples are zinc plated for durability and longevity. All pieces are a standard threaded 1/8-IP size, making them compatible with common lamp parts.
What's included:
Four 1-1/2-inch nipples.
Product reference number: 70601

Product Features & Benefits:

Solid metal construction Zinc plating for strength and longevity

Recommended Uses:

Use to build a new lamp or fixture Replace broken or deteriorating components

Product Dimensions:

1-1/2 inches long Threaded 1/8-IP INSTALLATION Compatible with like-size components Screw in easily to female fittings. Can be purchased through many online today at Lightingandsupplies.com!

Product Spec Sheet