42W Slim Canopy / Parking Garage 4784 Lumens, 120-277V, 5000K | 7471 | LED-FXSCM42/50K/BK | NaturaLED

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NaturaLED Large Slim Canopy


NaturaLED Large Slim Canopy is designed for versatility and is programmed to meet the demands of parking garages, workshops, underpasses, and more.Its integrated motion sensor maximizes energy usage and security while increased visibility results in better security.

Parking garages & structures must have three things: safety, visibility, and reliability. NaturaLED LED lighting will satisfy the needs of your parking area with increased illumination, ideal color and temperature, along with huge energy savings. Our LED fixtures come tested against extreme conditions and have a 10-year limited warranty to ensure your lot or structure is well-lit and absent of dark areas. 

Easy installation: 

NaturaLED large slim canopy is easy to install and can be bolted into a ceiling or set up as a recessed light requiring absolutely no professional help. 

Can withstand harsh environmental conditions:

This high efficiency LED security light can endure temperatures as low as -4°F. They can also withstand high temperatures up to 113° F for those hot summer places. Thus this light is great for outdoor use along with indoor use like in a retail or office environment.


This innovative parking garage light fixture has all the Lumens you need, with varying Kelvin intensities, Daylight White and thus they are great at illuminating small and large areas alike.

Multi-Functional Lighting:

NaturaLED large slim canopy has a wide range of applications from walkways, workshops, Storefronts, Metal Building Lighting, Parking Garages, Gas Stations, Low Bays, etc.

Parking Garage Light with Motion sensor:

This ingenious parking garage light fixture has a built-in motion sensor for maximum energy savings and security.

Made-to-Last Modern Design:

Durable and vandal-proof, the aluminum housing is black powder coated to resist corrosion and provides a clean look and rock-solid design.

42W Slim Canopy / Parking Garage 4784 Lumens, 120-277V, 5000K | 7471 | LED-FXSCM42/50K/BK | NaturaLED