2x2 LED Flat Panel TRD-2x2-40W DIM 4000K

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Sunpark Electronics LED Flat Panel Light Fixture

Sunpark Electronics LED Flat Panel is one of the few brightest and most innovative LED panel lights in the market. Sunpark Electronics is known for using carefully selected, top quality components and materials in the manufacturing of their products.

Durable structure:

Die formed steel housing provides a lightweight, strong body while back-lit design requires no light guide plate. This Flat Light Panel constitutes a seamless aluminum frame, no crack, no gap, no light leak at all.

Light-weight design:

Sunpark Electronics LED Flat Panel features a light weight design almost 40% lighter than other edge-lit flat panels.


UL, cUL and CE Listed, RoHS compliant ensures better quality, safety, and reliability for the led ceiling lights.

High Luminance:

Available in white and silver finished colors, this Flat Panel Light, features superior, evenly dispersed lighting that sets the standard in performance for solid state ceiling luminaires. You can even choose the perfect lumen output using Select-a-Watt and is dimmable to boot.

Quick and Easy installation:

Custom fixture and power supply kit design allows for quick and easy installation, reducing costly labor time.

Multi-Functional Light Panel:

The Sunpark Electronics LED Flat Panel is recommended for offices, schools, hospitals, warehouses, schools, medical facilities and other commercial and institutional applications.

Long Life and low maintenance light fixture:

This cutting edge Flat Light Panel extends both the life of the fixture and power supply while still emitting 70% of the original light output after more than 219,000 hours, this SFP-LED will last many years without the need for costly replacement or maintenance.


What are Flat Panel LED Lights?

LED Flat Panel Lights are the perfect energy-efficient indoor lighting. substitution for traditional linear fluorescents in offices, commercial and industrial buildings, educational institutions, and retail. Flat panels, in general, are mostly edge-lit, which makes them incredibly thin, allowing them to work very well in shallow plenum spaces. Many come DLC standard or premium, which means they qualify for money-saving rebates. They’re also rated for nearly 100,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, which means your time (and your customers’) can be put towards things that don’t involve maintenance. Need a 5-year warranty? They’ve got those too.


Should I invest in an LED flat panel instead of an LED troffer?


Flat panels should be considered for every application where you would use a traditional fluorescent troffer. For those looking for LED drop ceiling lights, they also fit into that category, as most troffer light fixtures are also designed to fit snugly into the drop ceilings commonly used in most offices.

Along with some other uniquely shaped flat panels, most lighting manufacturers are producing standard 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 flat panels so that they can be used in drop ceilings. However, that is not the only application. These LED flat panel lights can also be mounted directly to a drywall ceiling, increasing the possible areas and rooms you’ll be able to use them in. Since they can be as small as 1/2" thick, there is no need to recess them. This fact also greatly expands the diversity of installation possibilities for LED flat panel fixtures. It is possible to mount these to a wall, under a cabinet, or suspend them from the ceiling. Alternatively, if you are simply replacing lighting in a drop-ceiling, flat panels work there too.

If you are looking for the thinnest fixtures(~1/2") then you will need a model described as "Edge Lit". The other option would be "Direct Lit", a model which tends to be closer to 4" thick. Some of these models come with an option to add an emergency backup battery, so keep that in mind for your mounting location, as that can impact whether or not you want to opt for the battery or not.

So, if your lighting project is for a room that is currently using troffers, consider the new flat panel technology as a viable and generally more energy efficient option. There are dozens of flat panel light products available for purchase right now on Lightingandsupplies.com.




2x2 LED Flat Panel TRD-2x2-40W DIM 4000K

  • Housing: Aluminum 
  • Room for 347V Transformer Installation
  • LED Life: 50,000 hours min., 5 Years Limited Warranty
  • High Lumen Efficiency and High CRI
  • Replace 2' x 4' Troffer
  • Ultra Thin LED Panel Light (LED Driver Box Height: 1.7")
  • UL, cUL Listed
  • Specifications:


1. Type

2' x 2'

2. Wattage


3. Input Voltage

120V - 277V

4. PF

> 0.90

5. Lumen 


6. DLC


7. LED Color Temperature / CRI

4000K / 80

8. Dimmable

Yes (0-10V Dimming)