Westinghouse 3684200 60 Watt PAR30 Long Neck Eco-PAR Plus Halogen Flood Light Bulb2850K E26 (Medium) Base, 120V



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Westinghouse PAR30 60 Watt Clear (2850K) E26 (Medium) Base Halogen Reflector Light Bulb 3684200 Eco-PAR Plus Reflector Halogen light bulbs utilize an Advanced Reflective Technology to enhance lamp performance. They are also an excellent energy-saving alternative to popular compact fluorescent light bulbs and expensive LED light bulbs. Our premium Eco-PAR light bulbs provide all the benefits of halogen lighting and offer superior light quality at a reduced wattage. Energy savings range from 16%-24% versus standard PAR light bulbs with similar light output. To help you find the right bulb for the right application, see WestinghouseÕs full offering of Eco-PAR Plus reflector halogen bulbs available in a variety of lamp sizes and wattages. These Eco-PAR halogen bulbs have medium screw bases making them compatible for use with standard household or commercial fixturesÑeverything from recessed, directional lighting to outdoor security lighting.
Product reference number: 36842 Reflector sizes include PAR20, PAR30, PAR38 Provide crisp bright white light, enhanced lamp performance, superior light quality and lower wattage Available in flood beam type in a variety of wattages For use in recessed, directional or security lighting Completely dimmable. Can be purchased through many online today at Lightingandsupplies.com!

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