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Westgate knows that when you are choosing a lighting manufacture to fulfill your electrical and light needs you need to base your decision. That is why Westgate always designs their products to be intuitively simple while utilizing the most forward-thinking lighting technology. Their vision is to provide the high-quality product and the most competitive price possible and delivers their products with professional service that rivals the best in the industry.

Westgate Manufacturing is proud to offer thirty-six (36) distinct lines of electrical and lighting products that are of the highest level of quality and performance in the industry. Westgate ships all orders that they have received by 1 PM Pacific Time that very same day from their state-of-the-art central warehouse facility which is located in Los Angeles, California, (the City of Vernon). All of Westgate’s products, from their weather proof junction boxes to their state of the art LED lighting fixtures, are backed up by their Westgate warranty.

Westgate has grown into an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge electrical and LED lighting products in just twelve years. Westgate prides itself and is confident that their customers find the quality and diverse product offering by Westgate is among the best in the business.

Westgate is the one-stop show for electrical and lighting requirements. They produce supply to meet the demands of the market and supply their clientele with great products at competitive prices. Westgate chooses to provide great convenience without compromising their quality so that their customers get the maximum benefit possible. The hallmark of the Westgate business experience is to have great product availability, on-time delivery, order tracking, no minimum order requirement, low freight policies, integral salespeople and responsive sales managers.

Westgate Lighting Outdoor Products

Westgate product offering categories for Outdoor Lighting are as follows: Patented Ground Clamps, LED Wall Pack, LED Flood Lights, LED Area Lights, LED Canopy/Gas Station Lights, LED Sign Lights, LED Security Lights, LED Street Lights. LED Cylinder Lights, 12v LED Work Lights, LED String Lights, LED Outdoor Strip Lights and LED Wall Sconces.

Westgate Lighting Commercial Products

Westgate product offering categories for Commercial Lighting are as follows: LED Panel Lights, LED Commercial Highbays, LED Track Lights, LED Liner Lights, LED Strip Lights, LED Troffer Lights, LED Suspended Lights, LED Wrap Around, LED Commercial Recessed, LED Liner Vapor, and LED Vanity Lights.

Westgate Lighting Residential Products

Westgate product offering categories for Residential Lighting are as follows: LED Recessed Lights, LED T8 Lamps LED MR16 Lamps, LED A19 Lamps, LED Retrofit Trims, LED Flush Mount Fixture, LED A21 Lamps, LED Candelabra, LED RGB Lamps, LED Ultra Slim Recessed Lights, and LED PL Lamps.

Westgate product offering categories for Undercabinet Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Industrial Light and Ribbon Lighting are as follows: 24v LED Undercabinet, 120 V LED Puck Lights, 120v LED Undercabinet, LED Directional Lights, LED Landscape Step Lights, LED Well Lights, LED Underwater Lights, LED Area Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED Corn Lamps, LED Linear Highbays, LED UFO Highbays, Combination LED Signs, LED Emergency Lights, Wet Location Emergency Lights, Decorative Emergency Lights, Thermoplastic LED Exit Sign, Edgelit LED Exit Sign and Diecast LED Exit Signs.

Westgate Manufacturing Lighting Fixtures

When you need high-quality lighting solutions for your commercial or industrial space, look at the products offered by Westgate Manufacturing. Specializing in electrical and lighting products meant to offer quality, performance, and unparalleled longevity, this brand is one of the leaders in truly functional, utilitarian lighting solutions. Commercial and industrial lighting doesn’t offer any room for error. Lights need to work at all times, regardless of condition or demand, and customers won’t purchase a brand that offers anything less.

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