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Bathroom Vanity Lights

Vanity lights are an essential component of any well-lit and oft-used bathroom, bathroom vanity lights pack a powerful punch for practical, attractive task lighting. Simple and easy to style, these fixtures come in a range of shapes and looks that can really take your bathroom lighting design to the next level. Bathroom vanities require special considerations for task lighting — the type of lightning required to perform specific tasks like shaving and applying makeup.

Your bathroom is the space where you’ll start and end your day and you’ll want to have functional lighting for chores like shaving, makeup application, and hair styling. Bathrooms of all sizes will benefit from these tips and tricks, from the spacious and spa-like to petite powder rooms. Those looking for vanity lights for a small bathroom or half bath lighting have just as many opportunities for bathroom beautification as those with a more sprawling layout!

What is a Vanity Light?

Vanity lights are a particular subset of lighting fixtures designed to be mounted above the bathroom vanity. The vanity area is typically comprised of a vanity sink, countertop, and vanity mirror. Vanity lights are considered task lighting and should not be expected to fully light a bathroom on their own. Be sure to incorporate other layers of light throughout your room—bathroom ceiling lights and bathroom pendant lights (or even chandeliers for a trendy, modern flair) are great for providing ambient lighting to the room as a whole. The primary function of bathroom sconces and vanity light fixtures is to evenly light your face for all your daily self-care tasks.

Vanity Light Sizes

Vanity lights are available in a range of sizes and lamp arrays so you can choose the version that best suits your space. Single vanity light fixtures (which may also be referred to as bath sconces) are ideal for smaller spaces and narrower mirrors. Bigger mirrors and longer vanities might call for two, three, or four light vanity lights. Pay special attention to the width and height of your chosen vanity light, as well as the number of lamps per fixture, as these specifications will help you determine if the light in question matches your space.


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