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LED Ceiling Mount Fixtures


LED ceiling flush mount lighting fixtures are the perfect way to bring light, character, and a more finished look to your space. LED ceiling lighting is beautiful, highly functional, and practically maintenance free. Lightingandsupplies.com offers a variety of cutting edge LED ceiling flush mount light fixtures that provide bright, inviting, energy efficient lighting for indoor settings.


What are Surface Mounted Luminaires?

The right lighting can effortlessly make the interior talk for itself. When looking for powerful lighting solutions capable of offering uniform illumination while saving energy, surface mounted lights are the ideal choice to get the job done with ease. Surface mounted lights are mounted directly on the ceiling as they feature a screw-less design mechanism. Best suited for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and sterile facilities, surface mounted lights are versatile enough to bring a fresh perspective to any space.


Ceiling Mount Components

Surface mounted lighting products have many of the same elements as recessed products — the main difference is that they’re mounted onto the surface of the ceiling or wall, rather than housed within it. Similar to pendant and recessed lighting, there is not always good or consistent nomenclature in the complex world of lighting. However, a few key terms to look out for in your product search are:

Light Fixture

The fixture is the shell that holds the light, and is typically made from aluminum, steel or brass. Because the fixture is the portion of the light that is visible, it will drive the aesthetic composition of your surface mounted light.

Heat Sink

Although LED lights are lauded for being cool to the touch, they still produce heat that must be conducted or dissipated away, in order to ensure the longevity of the product. Typically made from copper or aluminum, heat sinks are an important part of LED surface mounted products as they provide a path for heat to travel from the LED light source (or diode) to outside elements.


The diode is the chip that produces the light. With advancements in LED technology, diodes are becoming smaller and smaller, which presents new design opportunities for architects. “I’ve seen LED tape only a quarter of the size of a nail file, that produces enough light to act as the sole light source for an entire space,” said Schroeder.


Similar to recessed lighting, optics modify the light that is emitted from the diode by adjusting the beam or softening the glare.

Ceiling Mount Driver

Sometimes referred to as the power supply, the driver is the “magic box that transforms electricity from main voltage into whatever the fixture itself requires. If you run 120 volts to LEDs, for example, they’re going to explode.” Lighting manufacturers will be able to direct you towards an appropriate power supply, depending on the fixture that you select.


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