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Larson Electronics Visible/Infrared LED Remote Control Floodlight with Inline Transformer - 12V - Magnetic Mount

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The GL-4600-F-M-12I Magnetic Mount Visible/Infrared LED Golight from Larson Electronics is a motorized 12 volt LED floodlight designed for military that operates with a wired dash remote control, and includes an inline transformer to step up the voltage to 24 volts. This floodlight is housed within a carbon fiber and ABS blend housing for impact and heat resistance and is combine with a magnetic mounting base and stainless steel hardware. The combination visible and infrared LED emitter throw a long and effective working beam reaching 450 meters. The GL-4600-F-M-12I magnetic mount Golight military floodlight is designed for use in all weather conditions and produces a combination of visible and infrared lighting. The visible light has a working distance of 450 meters. The infrared LED emitters produce a 950nm wavelength, providing complete covert illumination. These units feature a hard wired remote control operation that allows users to rotate the light 360¡ with a hard stop and to adjust vertical tilt through 180¡. Remote operation is provided by one panel mount wired remote controller with 4-way directional joystick and 3-position rotary switch for illumination control. Wired Remote Operation: Remote control functions include a 3-way rotary switch for visible, off, and infrared illumination. Up, down, left and right movement is controlled by a 4-way joystick with auto engage 2-speed function. The light will continue movement as long as the joystick is held in position. Releasing the joystick stops movement and holds the Golight in position. A homing button and a programmable azimuth position feature allow operators to quickly position the light to the home position or preprogrammed position at the push of a button. A master power switch turns the unit on or off. This panel mount remote is secured to equipment panels or vehicle dash via six attachment points. Durability: The GL-4600-F-M-12I Golight is designed for military and covert operations and demanding outdoor use with a weather resistant housing constructed of high quality carbon fiber and ABS thermoplastic mixture that is heat resistant, impact resistant, UV resistant and able to withstand rugged use and abusive conditions. Remote movement of this floodlight is provided by an commercial grade 28V DC internal motors. Vertical movement is provided by a stainless steel worm gear drive sprocket and horizontal movement is provided by a stainless steel pinion gear with drive belt sprocket to provide rust and corrosion resistance as well as long life and reliable operation. Mounting: The light is magnetically mounted with a 200 pound grip magnetic base that is tested to 85 miles per hour. Power: This light operates on 12 volts DC and features an inline transformer that steps up the voltage to 24 volts, and draws 6 amps, making it ideal for military vehicles, boats, ATVs, and similar sources of 24 volt direct current. The light has built in surge protection. On this particular model, the light has a 22` 11 wire wiring harness with Molex MX-150 waterproof connections. Light Output: The light source in this Golight is provided by five visible LEDs that produce 225,00 candela. The visible LEDS have a 6000K color temperature, giving it very good color rendering and contrasting properties and the ability to clearly and sharply illuminate objects at long distances. This beam is effective to the far end of its reach, producing 6 lux at 656` away from the light. The infrared LEDs provide a narrow wavelength transmission with a peak of 950nm. There is no visible light or any "red glow" as seen with many infrared LEDs, providing 100% covert operation. This high power Golight military floodlight is ideal for military, covert operations, hunting, security, boating, law enforcement, emergency services, utilities, and anywhere high power and remote control functionality are desired. Specifications / Additional Information GL-4600-F-M-12I LED Golight Military Floodlight Summary/Certifications Lamp Type: Visible/Infrared Combination LEDs 32 Watt Dual Beam LED Light Dimensions: Hard Wired Remote - No RF Weight: 12 Lbs Meets Marine Standards for Fresh / Saltwater Use Total Watts: 32 watts UV and Weatherproof Voltage: 12V DC Stepped Up to 24V DC w/ surge protection 12 VDC Stepped Up to 24 VDC Operation Lighting Configuration: Floodlight Floodlight w/ Removable Lens Amps: 6 Amps Mounting: 200 Pound Grip Magnetic Mount Lamp Color Temperature: 6000K Visible / 950NM IR Special Orders- Requirements Weather Rating: Weatherproof Contact us for special requirements Movement Range: 180¡ Tilt - 360¡ Rotation Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671 Remote Control: Single Wired Panel Mount Control Warranty: 3 Years E-mail:[email protected] Year Limited WarrantyScroll Down to Purchase-