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Larson Electronics *RENTAL* Portable Lithium Ion Battery Pack for Various Larson Electronics Spotlights - 8.8 Amp Hour

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This unit is for rentals. Please scroll down for rental rates The RNT-RLI-12 Portable Lithium Ion Battery Pack from Larson Electronics is ideal for powering a wide variety of Larson Electronics spotlights, LED lights and Golights. This small battery pack is light weight and ideal for users who wish to make their 12 VDC dependent spotlights fully portable. This portable lithium ion battery pack provides the long life and easy charging of lithium batteries combined with an 8.8 amp hour capacity rating. This battery pack comes equipped with a female Deutsche connector, making it plug-n-play compatibale with virtually all of our 12VDC powered lights that pull less then 8 amps. An IP67 waterproof rated housing provides protection against water and dampness and a booted on/off switch provides simple power control. This battery pack provides 12 volts DC with an 8.8 amp hour capacity and can be recharged from a fully discharged state in only two hours. An included wall charging unit allows users to recharge this unit from any common 110VAC – 240 VAC 50/60hz wall outlet and an optional vehicle charger is available. This rechargeable battery pack will power Golight halogen for 90 minutes+, Golight HID for 3 hours+, Golight LED for 3 hours+, LEDLB-4ET-M for 9 hours+, and is an ideal companion accessory for Golights, LED lights and other Larson Electronics DC power lighting products where it is not convenient to access vehicle or equipment power. Operators can determine battery run time by dividing watts of the desired light source by 12 and then dividing the result into 8.8. This will give them the run time for that light on this battery pack. Note that lights with an amp rating higher than 8 amps should not be used with this battery pack. Suggested Applications: Construction sites, hunting, emergency services, highway projects, industrial plants, utility work, and anywhere a 12 VDC 8 amp portable power source is needed. Specifications / Additional Information RNT-RLI-12 Portable Lithium Ion Battery Pack Quick Summary Rating: 12 VDC, Lithium Ion Battery Pack Weight: 3 lbs 8.8 Amp Hour @ 12VDC Capacity: 8.8 Amp Hour IP67 Rated Dimensions: 4" Tall, 5" Long, 3.5" Wide Battery Type: Lithium Ion / 12 Cells, 2,200ma Per Cell Wiring: 1/Deutsche Connector Switch: Booted On/Off Charging Time: 2 Hours Charging Unit: 110VAC – 240 VAC 50/60hz Wall Charger Ratings: IP67 Special Orders- Requirements Rental Type: Monthly, Weekly, Daily Contact us for special requirements Phone: 1-903-270-1187 Toll Free: 888-325-4448 Fax: 1-903-498-3364 E-mail: [email protected] Rentals: In an effort to cut back on contracts and various other paper work, Larson Electronics processes rentals like orders until the product is returned. This means, we will charge the customer for the product total and credit back the difference once the fixture is returned. Weekly and Monthly terms are available. Customer must pay shipping to and from the destination. Please contact us at (903) 498-3363 for further information if required. Rental Prices for the RNT-RLI-12;Monthly...$48.10 USDWeekly...$41.00 USD Scroll Down to Purchase-