Larson Electronics Infrared LED Light Tower - 2, 24 Watt LEDs - 3' to 8' Extendable Tower - Rechargeable Battery

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Made in the USA The WAL-16LED-BP-IR infrared LED light tower is a fully portable and rechargeable unit and produces an infrared flood of light that can only be seen through the use of night vision equipment designed to register infrared light. This light tower offers a long list of features including versatile power and recharging options and provides an extremely rugged infrared lighting solution that is ideal for use in commercial and industrial security applications as well as military and law enforcement environments. Click here to see the LED version of this The WAL-16LED-BP-IR infrared LED light tower is a self contained and portable light tower package that offers high power and extreme portability in a compact and durable design. This unit produces the infrared equivelent of 2880 lumens and can run for up to 8.2 hours on a single full charge of its onboard batteries. This infrared LED light tower includes two 24 watt infrared LED lights mounted to a telescoping aluminum mast that can be adjusted from 3 to 8 feet in total height. The entire package weighs 48 pounds and measures 22 inches tall by 9 inches in length by 14 inches wide, making it very easy to stow and deploy. This portable infrared LED light tower is designed to be easily deployed and can be set up in less than thirty seconds after a single practice run to familiarize yourself with its operation. Approximately the size of a carry on suitcase, this unit weighs only 48 lbs and includes a collapsible handle and wheels for easy transport around the deployment area. The heavy duty Pelican style case contains all of the operational equipment and provides secure protection against damage from impacts and contaminants when closed. When fully deployed, this unit will withstand 65 mph winds and can be extended to a total of 8 feet in tower height for optimal illumination of the target area. The WAL-16LED-BP-IR portable infrared light tower incorporates a long list of impressive features including: Power: AGM sealed lead acid battery, 12 VDC deep cycle with built-in charging system and a 600 charge life cycle or 3-5 year life cycle. This unit offers 4 power options, including an internal battery pack, the ability to allow AC recharging while in use, and use as a jump and carry external battery pack with an included special plug. A built in AC charger (wall charger) allows operators to easily recharge the battery, even while in use. This portable tower also accepts low voltage input from vehicles and other battery packs to power the light or charge the battery. A DC port (cigarette plug socket) allows users to power other DC devices, in effect allowing this unit to double as a portable 12VDC power supply. Included LED indicators provide operators with the current battery charge conditions. LED Light Bars: This tower includes two 24 watt infrared LED light heads that are IP68 rated waterproof to three meters and constructed of extruded aluminum with polycarbonate lenses for the ultimate in durability. Each LED unit is controlled by a separate switch, allowing operators to use the lights together or independently based on lighting requirements and desired battery run time. Two LED light bars will run 8.25 hours, while a single infrared LED emitter will run 16.5 hours. The LED light bar emitters are attached to the telescoping pole via an adjustable "T" style bracket. The LED light bars can positioned at various ideal angles and the assembly will hold that position until changed by the operator. A single coil cord provides power from the battery to the LED light heads. Telescoping Tower: The aluminum telescoping tower on this unit is comprised of four sections and extends and locks into place much the same as a camera tripod. The user simply opens the case, folds out the telescoping tower and then locks it into position with a simple latching mechanism. The user can then extend the tower anywhere from 3 to 8 feet in total height and simply tightens the locking clamps to lock the tower in position. The mast from ground level to top of light is 8’. The actual pole is 6.5 feet long and the 18” case makes the total length 8 feet. Stability is provided by two stainless steel spring loaded aluminum support legs that unfold from the case as well and are extended to 30 inches length and then locked into place. This tower and support system provides a stable light platform even in windy conditions up to 65 mph. Watertight Case: All the components of this portable light tower stow away within the watertight Pelican style case. This case includes a carrying handle and wheels to provide easier transport around the deployment area and measures only 22 inches tall by 9 inches in length by 14 inches wide. There are no loose parts and all components fit within the case for easy transport. All parts and controls are easily accesible simply by opening the front of the case, with controls located at the top and the battery assembly at the bottom. The entire unit weighs only 48 pounds and can be easily stowed in back seats or behind the seat of a pickup truck. This easy opening case and collapsible tripod and support system results in a portable high power infrared light tower than can be deployed in less than thirty seconds after a single practice run. Additional Features: Battery and lights will function at -40 F/C and + 185F / 85C.Battery charger has charge indicator to show level of charge.One year replacement warranty on battery pack and charger.Approved for continuous charging. Rocker switch for internal and external power operation.220V 50/60htz charger available.Option to order unit with infrared LED light heads in the 850 or 940NM ranges.FAA, DOT, CAB, IA, and TA approved for air transport. Made in USA Quality Superior LED Benefits 1. Watertight Pelican Style Case2. IP68 Rated LED Light Heads are Waterproof and Dustproof3. Aluminum Tower Mast and Spring Loaded Aluminum Outrigger Legs. 4. Nothing To Wire or Connect. All Parts Contained Within Case.5. 27 Hour Runtime on a Single Charge.6. Integral Handle and Wheels for Easy Transport.7. High Power LEDs Produce Equivelent of 2880 Lumens.8. One Year Replacement Warranty on Battery Pack and Charger 9. Adjustable From 3 to 8 Feet in Height. 1. 50,000+ hour lifespan.2. Cool operation.3. 100% recyclable.4. No toxins-lead, mercury.5. No UV light, infrared radiation or CO2 emissions.6. Bright, even light maintains consistent color over time.7. Instant on/off – No flickering, delays or buzzing. 8. No lenses or filters to reduce output.9. Vibration/impact resistant.10. Compact size..11. Less frequent outages, higher output. Specifications / Additional Information WAL-16LED-BP-IR Portable Infrared LED Light Tower Certification Power: 12VDC CE Certified Battery: AGM Lead Acid, 12VDC, 33 amp hr, 600 Cycles EN55015 EMI Lamps: 2- 24 watt Infrared LEDs, IP68 Rated EN61547 EMS Total Lamp Watts: 48 watts EN62471 Photobiological Safety Tower: Adjustable Aluminum 3-8 Feet Total Height Case: Pelican Style Watertight with Wheels and Handle Dimensions: 22"-H x 9"-L x 14" W - Weight-48lbs Total Lumens: 2880 Infrared Equivelent Charging: 5 Hour charge time, 115VAC Built in AC Charger Ratingsl: FAA, DOT, CAB, IA, TA Approved Air Transport Special Orders- Requirements Mounting: Portable Tower with 2- 3 Foot Outriggers Contact us for special requirements Run Time: Up To 8.25 Hours on Single Charge at Full Power Toll Free: 888-325-4448 Operating Temp: -40 F/C and + 185F / 85C E-mail: [email protected] Scroll Down to Purchase