Larson Electronics Industrial Forced Air Heater - 120V - Kerosene/Diesel - 170 CFM - 45,000 BTUs - 5 Gal Tank - Blue

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The Larson Electronics GAU-KFA-PH-45K Industrial Forced Air Heater is a powerful heating unit for indoor facilities. This kerosene/diesel unit provides 170 CFM of air flow and 45,000 BTUs. Equipped with a 5-gallon fuel tank, the portable heater comes with real-time gauges, a carrying handle and a 6" power cord. The GAU-KFA-PH-45K is a forced air heater for indoor locations. Capable of heating spaces up to 1,100 square feet, the unit operates on 120V AC 60 Hz. This compact heater offers 45,000 BTUs and 170 CFM during use. Operators are provided access to a 5 gallon tank and air pressure, fuel and thermostat gauges for real-time monitoring. This unit consumes kerosene/diesel (CSA certified to run on #1 & 2 Diesel Fuel, JP8/Jet A Fuel and #1 & 2 Fuel Oil) at a rate of .35 gallons per hour and is capable of a maximum runtime of 14 hours @ full tank. Safety features include the following: high temperature shut off, flame out fuel cut and thermocouple. Wiring: The GAU-KFA-PH-45K comes with a 6" power cord for completing electrical connections and an extension cord wrap. Mount: The GAU-KFA-PH-45K features a flat base and a carrying handle for portable mounting and transportation around the work site. Applications: Construction sites, warehouses, commercial spaces, industrial buildings, schools, indoor facilities, barns and more. At Larson Electronics, we do more than meet your lighting needs. We also provide replacement, retrofit, and upgrade parts as well as industrial grade power accessories. Our craftsmen can custom build any lighting system and/or accessories to fit the unique demands of your operation. A commitment to honesty, quality, and dependability has made Larson Electronics a leader in the lighting and electronics business since 1973. Contact us today at 800-369-6671 or [email protected] for more information about our custom options tailored to meet your specific industry needs. Specifications / Additional Information GAU-KFA-PH-45K Industrial Heater Ratings Unit Type: Forced Air Heater Dimensions: 30" x 12" x 15" Weight: 28 lbs Voltage: 120V AC @ 60 Hz Phase: Single BTUs: 45000 CFM: 170 CFM Fuel Type: Kerosene/Diesel Tank Capacity: 5 Gal Fuel Consumption: .35 Gal/hr Maximum Runtime: 14 Hrs @ Full Tank Pump Pressure: 3 psi Heating Area Capacity: 1,100 sq. ft. Gauges: Air Pressure, Fuel, Thermostat/Temperature Safety: High Temperature Shut Off, Flame Out Fuel Cut, Thermocouple Special Orders- Requirements Amps: 1.4A Contact us for special requirements Materials: - Phone: 1-214-616-6180 Mount: Portable via Handle Toll Free: 888-325-4448 Wiring: 6" Power Cord Fax: 1-903-498-3364 Color: Blue E-mail: [email protected] Down to Purchase