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Larson Electronics IND-UC.360-24-4L-FUVC-AT-25C Portable Industrial Far-UV Sanitation Light 500 sq.ft. Area - (4) Far-UVC Lamps - Digital Timer - 25' SOOW Cord

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unit is Made In USA - Manufactured in TexasÊ The Larson Electronics RNT-IND-UC.360-24-4L-FUVC-AT-25CÊis an Industrial Far-UV Sanitation Light which can kill 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, and spores in large facilities. This unit offers Far-UV-C output at a range of 222nm and comes equipped with four Far-UVC fluorescent lamps. Four caster wheels on the bottom of the light allow for easy movement and positioning around the operating area. *Please note: This product produces UV light. Make sure to follow all safety guidelines and protocols found in the user manual. UVC light in the proper setting kills up to 99.9% of viruses, mold, spores, and bacteria.ÊClick here to learn more about UVC and the corona virus* The RNT-IND-UC.360-24-4L-FUVC-AT-25CÊis a powerful sanitation solution for industrial sites and commercial facilities. Equipped with four Far-UVC fluorescent lamps, this system offers 16.08 watts of total Far-UV output, within the 222nm Far-UV-C range. Total Far-UV irradiance is 160 uW/cm2. The lights have an expected lifespan of 1,000+ hours and emits a flood beam pattern. This Far-UV system caters to 500 square feet of space with 360 degrees of coverage. Operators may move the light around after exposure time to disinfect several sections. With a recommended 20-25 minute exposure time for viruses, multiple units can be purchased to cover larger areas quicker. The Far-UV light can disinfect over 99% of bacteria, viruses, mold, and spores. At start up, there is a built-in 1-minute and 30-second delay to allow individuals to safely leave the room after deploying the device. An accessible digital timer enables operators to set exposure times. The lights will automatically turn off when the set time is complete. Operators may adjust settings via a controller at the bottom of the unit. Two warning signs and a pair of safety glasses are included with the device. Voltage:ÊThe RNT-IND-UC.360-24-4L-FUVC-AT-25C operates on 120V AC or 220V AC. 5-15 Straight Blade Plug 15 Amp / 125V Rated L5-15 Twist Lock Plug 15 Amp / 125V Rated L6-15 Twist Lock Plug 15 Amp / 250V Rated UK BS1363 Straight Blade Plug 13 Amp / 250V Rated / Internal Fuse Intl Schuko 2-Pin Plug 16 Amp / 250V Rated / Grounded Flying Leads / Pigtail Wires Wiring/Plug:ÊThis unit is equipped with 25 feet of 16/3 chemical and abrasion resistant SOOW cord that is fitted with an industrial grade cord cap for easy connection to common wall outlets. Plug options include standard 5-15 15 amp straight blade plug for 110V wall outlets with ground, standard 6-15 15 amp straight blade plug for 220-240V wall outlets with ground, NEMA L5-15 15 amp twist lock plug for 125V twist lock outlets, NEMA L6-15 15 amp twist lock plug for 240V twist lock outlets, British BS1363 13 amp fused 3-blade plug for United Kingdom outlets, or a two pin 16 amp rated Schuko plug with ground contact and socket for European outlets up to 250V. Alternatively, we can provide flying leads with no plug for hard wire applications or for operators who prefer to wire in user provided cord caps. Please choose pigtail option below for flying leads with no plug. Mount:ÊOperators can easily move the UV lighting system around facilities via four wheels at the bottom. A center rail enables seamless guidance and positioning of the unit. For best results, the light should be setup in the middle of the operation area. Note on Environment:ÊSunlight and visible light fixtures do not impact the effectiveness of the disinfecting on this Far-UVC sanitation product. Metal halide, high pressure sodium, fluorescent, and LED light fixtures can be left on. The Far-UV radiation emitted from this product is not disrupted by any type of lighting in the environment. Put simply, NO it DOES NOT need to be dark in the area you plan to disinfect. The Far-UV radiation is harmful to the eyes and skin, and that is why you should not be in the area while it is in operation. Please see user manual for additional safety information. Suggested Applications:ÊSanitation, disinfection, kill 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, and spores, retail spaces, lobbies, commercial locations, industrial parks, schools, public transportation hubs, airports, office buildings, medical centers, and more. Call 888-325-4448 to place your Larson Electronics order online today!