Larson Electronics 6/4 Type P - 6 AWG 4-Connector Cable - 600/1000V Rated - Marine Service Cord

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Features: High strand count conductors make this product extremely flexible, easier to install and more resistant to vibration than Type MC, IEC spec or commercial cables. Lower dielectric constant and higher insulation resistance reduces electrical losses. Excellent resistance to moisture produces stable electrical properties throughout the life of the cable. In fire conditions, non chlorinated flame retardant system produces less toxic and less corrosive gasses. Highest ampacity ratings: ABS 100¡C, DNV 95¡C, LRS 95¡C, Transport Canada 95¡C Severe cold durability: exceeds CSA cold bend/cold impact (-40/-35¡ C)Conductor: Soft annealed flexible stranded tinned copper per IEEE 1580 Table 11.Insulation: Flame Retardant Cross-linked Polyolefin, meeting the requirements for Type P of IEEE 1580 and Type X110 of UL 1309/CSA C22.2 No. 245. Color Code: Black-White-Red-Green. Sizes 1/0 and Larger: Black with Phase ID Imprint.Jacket: Black, arctic grade, flame retardant, oil, abrasion, chemical and sunlight resistant thermosetting compound meeting UL 1309/CSA C22.2 No. 245 and IEEE 1580.Applications: Designed and constructed for the demanding environments of offshore drilling and petroleum facilities located throughout the world.