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Larson Electronics 3100-X Acro Light Rechargeable 35 Watt HID Light with Lithium Ion Battery

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35 watt Xenon 4300 Kelvin bulb HID bulb, 3200 lumens, lithium ion rechargeable battery - produces 2700 lux at 25 feet (4 D-cell Maglite produces 280 lux at 25 feet) The Acro Light 3100 Light Kit includes: 1 - 35 watt HID handheld light 1- 90 minute run time, 4 hour recharge time Lithium Ion battery 1 – AC charger (please specify 110 or 210/230) 1 – Diffuser lens 1 - Carrying strap 1 - hard shell, blow mold carrying case Main points of value: 2000+ feet spot beam projection (include snap on diffuser lens included for flood light pattern) 90 minute run time on lithium ion battery. Deutsch connector for hard wire connection to vehicle power system. The light can run indefinitely on either 12Volt or 24 Volt vehicle power. Micro relay automatically sense 12 Volt or 24 Volt vehicle power and will switch from battery to vehicle system power without operator power cycling the light. Light weight, durable form factor. The light can be carried or placed on a flat surface. Phillips 35 watt HID bulb 90 minute run time and 4 hour recharge time per battery System includes 35 watt HID light, 1 rechargeable Lithium Ion 12V Rechargeable 4400 AH Lithium Ion battery, AC charger, carrying strap, flood diffuser lens and hard shell blow mold case Charge cord plugs directly into the battery accessed through the removable rear cover of the light Dimensions: lens is 5 inches in diameter; 10 inches long and 7 inches tall Compact ballast (9-30 Volts DC) incorporated into lamp housing for portable, light weight use Dust and water resistant design - case is o-ring sealed for weather resistance (can be splashed and dropped in water, but cannot be submerged Optional 12V/24V car adapter available (not included) for extended run time by powering the light directly from the vehicle battery - can be hard wired to 12 Volt and 24 volt batteries Average current draw @12 VDC:Start: 4.8 amp, Run: 3 amp (in under 60 sec.) Average recharge time: 4 hours - For those of you looking to use an vehicle inverter to recharge the light - the batteries draw .4 amps, so a 75 watt inverter is required Weight: Flashlight with Battery, 1.75 poundsComplete kit, 5 lbs Easy-to-use, booted, sealed push button switch located on top of the handle Professional grade unit for industrial, agricultural, law enforcement, emergency service, fire, search & rescue and marine use This light is made overseas. The bulb is made by Phillips, the ballast and igniter are high quality Taiwanese fully potted design and the wiring and external Deutsch connector are added in the USA. LUX Measurements: In SPOT At The Lens: N/AAt 10 Ft: 33,500At 15 Ft: 11,820Lens Temp: 136 Degrees FHead Temp: 98 Degrees F Lux Measurements: In FLOOD At the Lens: N/AAt 10 Ft: 826At 15 Ft: 382Lens Temp: 120 Degrees FHead Temp: 90 Degrees F