Larson Electronics 120W Explosion Proof LED Light Tower - C1D2, C2D2 - Quadpod Mount - ATEX/IECEx Rated - IP67

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The EPLX-QP-120W-1XRD3-TRC-100 from Larson Electronics is an Explosion Proof LED Light Tower that is a compact powerhouse ruggedly built to withstand demanding conditions. The EPLX-QP-120W-1XRD3-TRC-100 features state-of-the-art AC LEDs paired with specially designed heat sinks for improved efficiency, thermal management, and durability. Available in 5000K warm white and 3000K cool white options, this sleek and modern fixture delivers brilliant illumination and maximum efficiency. Designed for elevated illumination, this explosion proof LED light tower is mounted on a quadpod. The tower retracts to 7 feet and extends to 12 feet (maximum). Light Features: With a compact pendant mounted design and sleek body, the EPLX-QP-120W-1XRD3-TRC-100 provides brilliant illumination and robust performance in an aesthetically appealing package. Available in 5000K warm white and 3000K cool white options, the 110¡ flood beam provides crisp, clean illumination. The 120-watt LED lamp is mounted on a quadpod with two rubber wheels, which can extend from 7 feet to 12 feet. This unit offers up to 12,600 lumens of output @ 5,000K and is equipped with 10` of 16/3 SOOW cord. IP67 rated construction means the EPLX-QP-120W-1XRD3-TRC-100 LED light mast is tough enough to withstand the corrosive effects of harsh outdoor conditions, including sun, wind, rain, sleet, snow, and saltwater spray. This fixture is completely protected against the ingress of dust, dirt, and humidity as well as withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater spray and harsh outdoor conditions. Housed within a corrosion resistant aluminum alloy body and protected by a tempered glass lens, the EPLX-QP-120W-1XRD3-TRC-100 features the added bonus of a dust and buildup rejecting exterior coating. The EPLX-QP-120W-1XRD3-TRC-100 utilizes AC LEDs paired with a heavy-duty housing and an advanced heat sink that allows for improved efficiency and thermal performance. By eliminating the drivers associated with DC LEDs, space is freed up for more connective surface, accelerating heat dissipation and increasing durability. The specially designed heat sink allows for greater surface area contact with the air as well as a stronger airflow rate. Because this fixture is created for maximum thermal efficiency, it is ideal for applications in which the ambient operating temperature falls into extreme ranges, especially high heat applications. Furthermore, fewer sub-components also means fewer chances for secondary component failure. The simplified circuit system used within AC LEDs creates greater stability and enhances luminaire lifespan. Dimming: The EPLX-QP-120W-1XRD3-TRC-100 can be wired with a dimmer switch for dimming capabilities. This gives operators the ability to manually adjust the brightness of the LED lamp quickly and easily. When using an electronic dimmer switche, the EPLX-QP-120W-1XRD3-TRC-100 will dim from 0% up to 100% via the user provided dimming switch. This explosion proof LED light fixture is compatible with Lutron C.L. series dimmer switches. Compatible dimmers in that series include the following: Diva¨ C•L¨ dimmer, Ariadni¨/Toggler¨ C•L¨ dimmer, LumŽa¨ C•L¨ dimmer, Maestro¨ C•L¨ dimmer and Skylark¨ C•L¨ Dimmer. *PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY DIMMER INSTALLED ON THIS FIXTURE MUST BE LOCATED OUTSIDE OF THE HAZARDOUS AREA* The EPLX-QP-120W-1XRD3-TRC-100 is listed for use in the United States and Canada and carries IECEx and ATEX certifications. LED Benefits: Unlike gas burning and arc type lamps that have glass bulbs, LEDs have no filaments or fragile housings to break during operation and/or transportation. Instead of heating a small filament or using a combination of gases to produce light, light emitting diodes (LEDs) use semi-conductive materials that illuminate when electric current is applied, providing instant illumination with no warm up or cool down time before re-striking. Because there is no warm up period, this light can be cycled on and off with no reduction in lamp life. LED lights run at significantly cooler temperatures than traditional metal halide and high pressure sodium lights and contain no harmful gases, vapors, or mercury, making them both safer and more energy efficient. No extra energy is wasted in cooling enclosed work areas due to external heat emissions from bulb type lights, and the operator risks associated with traditional lighting methods, such as accidental burns and exposure to hazardous substances contained in the glass bulbs, are eliminated. In addition, LEDs are also safer for the environment as they are 100% recyclable, which eliminates the need for costly special disposal services required with traditional gas burning and arc type lamps. Mounting: This portable LED light is comprised of an LED light head mounted atop a four-leg quadpod fabricated from non-sparking powder coated aluminum. This adjustable and collapsible quadpod can be extended to twelve feet, collapsed to seven feet and includes solid wheels, allowing operators to tilt the unit back and simply roll the entire assembly to a new location when fully deployed. Power/Wiring/Plug: The EPLX-QP-120W-1XRD3-TRC-100 is available in the following voltages: 120V AC, 208V AC, 220V AC, 240V AC, and 277V AC. Suggested Applications: Oil refineries, petrochemical plants, offshore rigs, painting facilities, and the transportation of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. At Larson Electronics, we do more than meet your lighting needs. We also provide replacement, retrofit, and upgrade parts as well as industrial grade power accessories. Our craftsmen can custom build any lighting system and/or accessories to fit the unique demands of your operation. A commitment to honesty, quality, and dependability has made Larson Electronics a leader in the lighting and electronics business since 1973. Contact us today at 800-369-6671 or [email protected] for more information about our custom options tailored to meet your specific industry needs. Specifications / Additional Information EPLX-QP-120W-1XRD3-TRC-100Explosion Proof LED Light Tower Ratings/Approvals Lamp Type: AC LED Class I, Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D Listing: United States, Canada, Europe, Asia Class II, Divisions 2 Groups F, G Light Head Dimensions: 9.59"OD x 10.94"H IEC Ex d IIB+H2 T6..T4 Gb Tower Height: 7` to 12` IEC Ex tb IIIC T105¡C Db Voltage: 120V AC, 208V AC, 220V AC, 240V AC, 277V AC ATEX II 2G Ex d IIB+H2 T6...T4 Gb Total Watts: 120W ATEX II 2D Ex tb IIIC T105¡ Db Lumens: 12,600 (5000K) or 11,400 (3000K) IP67 Waterproof Luminous Efficacy: 105 Lm/W (5000K) or 95 Lm/W (3000K) NEMA 6/6P Lamp Life: 60,000+ Hours Certified to UL 844 Color Temp: 5000K cool white, 3000K warm white Certified to UL 1598 Color Rendering Index: >70 CRI Certified to IEC 60079-0: 2011 Beam Angle: 110¡ Certified to IEC 60079-1: 2007-04 Lighting Configuration: Flood Beam Certified to IEC 60079-31: 2008 Power Efficiency: >85% Certified to EN 60079-0: 2012 Power Factor: 0.9 Certified to IEC 60079-1: 2007 Amperage: [email protected] AC, [email protected] AC, [email protected] AC, [email protected] AC, [email protected] AC Certified to IEC 60079-31: 2009 Ambient Operating Temp Range: -60¡C to +100¡C Factory Sealed Light Fixture Operating Temp Rating: T6 Compatible With Lutron C.L. Series Dimmers Housing Material: Aluminum Alloy ABS Type Approval Quadpod Material: Non-Sparking Aluminum Tubing w/ Rubber Casters Lens Material: Tempered Glass Mounting: Extendable Quadpod w/ (2) Rubber Wheels Special Orders- Requirements Wiring: 10` 16/3 SOOW Cord Contact us for special requirements Wiring Hub: 3/4" NPT Toll Free: 888-325-4448 Intl: 1-214-616-6180 E-mail: [email protected] Down to Purchase-