Larson Electronics 110 Volt Medical Infrared LED Light Bar w/ Magnetic Bases - 32 IR LEDs 750/850/940Nm

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Buy American Compliant The Larson Electronics LEDLB-32E-IR-M-110V Infrared LED Light Bar offers high infrared light output and extreme durability combined with a versatile magnetic mounting system that provides convenience and secure attachment to vehicles, equipment and any flat metallic surface. This IP68 rated LED light bar produces an infrared light beam that can only be seen through the use of night vision goggles. 750Nm, 850Nm or 940Nm versions. This light can run on any voltage from 110-277 volts AC and provides an extremely rugged infrared lighting solution that is ideal for use in commercial and industrial security applications as well as military environments. The LEDLB-32E-IR-M-110V infrared LED light bar from Larson Electronics produces light in the infrared 750Nm, 850Nm or 940Nm end of the light spectrum depending upon the version selected. 32 Edison Edixeon¨ 3 watt infrared emitters are arranged in rows and paired with high purity 10 degree optics to produce a tightly focused infrared spot beam 1,110` long by 160` wide with limited spread or light spillage. We offer optional floodlight versions of this light that have 35 degree optics to produce a wider beam spread and more infrared light over a larger area nearer the fixture. These LED light bars are IP68 rated and waterproof to 3 meters, sealed against intrusion by dust and dirt and very ruggedly constructed to withstand the most demanding environments, conditions and applications. The entire Larson Electronics LEDLB-E series are constructed of extruded aluminum and feature heavier housings, rubber isolated mounts and unbreakable polycarbonate lenses to provide increased durability against vibrations, impacts, waves, hard rains, sand and high winds. Click here to view an article on the Generations of Night Vision and Infrared. This unit is set up as a medical infrared LED light emitter. Larson Electronics provides 6 feet of SOOW cable so that the LED is able to position itself away from the wall where it receives it`s power. The LEDLB-32E-IR-M-110V comes equipped with two 200lb grip magnetic bases for a total of 400lb gripping force and an in-line transformer to allow operation with common 110VAC wall plug current. However, the operator can remove the transformer and run this unit on any voltage from 9 to 42 volts. This magnetic base mounting system allows fast and easy setup of this light on vehicles and equipment and will hold the fixture in place at speeds up to 80 mph provided the mount is properly affixed and secure. Click Photo to Enlarge Click Photo to Enlarge Click Photo to Enlarge Heat Management: Heat is the single largest factor in premature LED failure and color shifting. As a result, many manufacturers reduce the output of their LEDs to reduce the amount of heat produced. These LED light bars utilize an extruded aluminum housing that incorporates an advanced heat radiating fin design which dissipates heat efficiently to produce the maximum amount of power and longevity from the integrated Edison Edixeon¨ Emitters. The end result is more light and longer LED life with higher average maintenance after 50,000 hours. Voltage Control: These units come standard with a 110V AC wall plug. The in-line transformer is universal voltage, meaning it can operate on any voltage from 120-277V AC these units are able to monitor and adjust input current to maintain the correct LED voltage levels regardless of input levels across a specific range. When the transformer is removed, these LEDLB series light bars can operate on current ranging from 9 to 42VDC without any modifications necessary as a result. LEDLB-32E-IR-M-110V 35¡ Flood Beam (Opt) LEDLB-32E-IR-M-110V 10¡ Spot Beam (Std) Durability: The LEDLB-E series of LED light bars from Larson Electronics offer IP68 rated construction that is designed to withstand extremes of environmental and operating conditions. The LED lights with the ‘E’ part number designation are designed for extreme durability and are larger and nearly twice as heavy as their standard counterparts. These units can withstand rapid temperature changes of -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius, are waterproof to three feet and resist ingress of dust, dirt and humidity. The housings are formed from thick extruded aluminum and the lenses are unbreakable polycarbonate. The Edixeon¨ LEDs offer inherent LED resistance to shocks and vibrations contributing to these units 15.6Grms rating of vibration tolerance. We recommend these LED lights for high stress - high vibratory conditions, high humidity climates, very cold areas and rough saltwater conditions. They are also well suited to environments where equipment is used in one temperature extreme and stored in another temperature extreme. Magnetic Mounting: The (2) 200 lbs magnet mounting design on the LEDLB-32E-IR-M-110V allows for easy fixture placement and removal. This mounting system includes a 6 foot power cord with an in-line transformer. Optionally, 16` coil cord terminated with a cigarette plug can be purchased, which makes this unit ideal for vehicle and equipment lighting applications where the unit can simply be attached or removed as needed. Please note, the magnetic base on this unit increases the unit`s overall height. Note: Most Larson Electronics LEDLB, LEDP3W, LEDP10W, and LED10W series LED spotlights and floodlights are terminated with a Deutsch IPD / LADD DT04-2P connector. The mating connector plug is DT06-2S. Most LEDLB and LED10W series lights ship with mating connector as part of a harness or pigtail, depending on the model. Some larger LED lights like the LEDLB-160X2 or LEDLB-200X2 or multiple function LED lights (i.e. high/low beam, modulating, IR/Visible combos) will have different Deutsch connectors. You can review the Deutsch connector technical details here. This unit ships with a 16 foot cord ending in a cigarette plug connector for added convenience and ease of use. Specifications / Additional Information LEDLB-32E-IR-M-110V Medical LED Light Bar LEDLB LED Features LEDs: 32 Edixeon¨ 3 Watt Infrared LED Emitters Edixeon¨ 3 Watt Infrared LED Emitters Dimensions: 18.25"-L 3."-H 3.56"-D LEDs Driven At 80% Watts: 180 -40 C~ +80C Operating Temp Range Voltage:110-277V AC (9-42V DC) RoHS Compliant Spot Beam: 1100`L x 160`W LED Chip Op Temp -40C to +125C Flood Beam:350`L x 340`W IP68 Rated Waterproof Weight: 9.8 Lbs CE Certified Lighting Configuration: 10¡ Spot or 35¡ Flood Mounting: (2) 200 Lbs Magnetic Bases Wiring: Deutsch IPD / LADD DT04-2P connector Amps: 1.5 on 120VAC - 8 on 12VDC, 4 on 24VDC Wavelength: 750Nm,850Nm or 940Nm Special Orders- Requirements LED Life Expectancy: 50,000 hours Contact us for special requirements Optics Efficiency: 90% Toll Free: 888-325-4448 Materials: Aluminum Housing, Polycarbonate Lens Housing Colors: Black or White E-mail: [email protected] Down to Purchase-