Halco Lighting Technologies Traditional Lighting


For over 40 years, Halco Lighting Technologies has been a trusted name in lighting. The Georgia-based company now boasts a product line that numbers into the thousands and encompasses the entire lighting field, from basic incandescent bulbs all the way to environmentally friendly lighting solutions like CFLs and LEDs. Halco commits itself to being a shopper’s first choice when it comes to lighting of any kind—and they have proven this commitment with their always-evolving product line and consistently competitive prices.

Recently, Halco has become one of the top names in energy efficient lighting. Unlike many other lighting companies, their Norcross, Ga., headquarters includes an in-house testing facility where the Halco team constantly develops new products and technologies to benefit both the customer and the environment we all live in. Both lines of CFL and LED lighting are extensive and impressive in both variety and quality, offering bulbs for all applications. Their ProLume bulbs include technology to help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time—something most of us strive for when choosing lighting for our homes, businesses, churches and everything in between. Halco has also developed CoverShield technology for their fluorescent and incandescent bulbs—this special coating contains glass pieces inside the bulb should it shatter—perfect for offices, classrooms and spaces where children frequently spend time. Halco also offers full lines of fluorescent tubes, HID bulbs, automotive and projector bulbs, and decorative bulbs including popular antique styles in several eye-catching styles.

Halco is matched by few companies in variety of product offered, and the quality of their lighting products speak for themselves. For whatever task you need your lighting to complete, Halco has the perfect bulb.