LED Garage Lights

What Type Of Lighting Is Best For Your Garage?

All types of primary lights can provide you with great lighting, so no worries there. Instead, your first step is to consider what overall visual effect and ambience you want for your garage, as this will dictate what style of primary lighting you explore.

If you are looking for a typical garage look, LED shop lights are a great and practical choice, as they provide sufficient brightness for a range of activities. Most shop lights hang directly from your garage ceiling on chains, so be sure to check your ceilings are high enough so you don't hit your head either.

Overhead Garage Canopy lights are also a good fit for these types of settings, but here is a complete list of what lightingandsupplies.com's experts recommend for your garage and shop lighting needs:


LED Linear High Bay

For an industrial look, choose high-performance linear LED high-bays. These look similar to legacy fluorescent fixtures and are best for spaces with high ceilings. They offer a wide distribution pattern, which reduces the number of fixtures you'll need to install.

LED Recessed Downlight

For a sleek and modern showroom look, LED recessed lighting can be used. Recessed lighting comes in a variety of sizes, but you'll need the larger 6 inch downlight for primary lighting. You'll need a series of these to light your whole garage, as they provide directed light over a limited area. Recessed lights are also a good choice for garages with lower ceilings, or if you are parking a taller vehicle, such as a van or SUV.

LED Tube Lights

For really easy installation, look for magnetic mount LED tubes. Even if your garage is currently illuminated by fluorescent bulbs, you can attach the magnetic retrofit LED kit inside the existing fixture and be fully installed within minutes — no special tools required!


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