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Lightingandsupplies.com offers an affordable solution for all your security and indoor lighting needs. LED Flood Light brings you peace of mind without eating into your electricity budget. Combining eco-friendly with energy efficient, the reliability of their products makes this brand the number one choice in flood lights.

A flood light, or more specifically an LED flood light, is a big, bright white light that gives off a very wide swath of light. These types of lights can often be found in front or backyards of homes, commercial properties, parking lots, playgrounds and parks, and stadiums.

LED flood lights are lights that are highly powered and can be used to light large areas. There are many types of flood lights that Lightingandsupplies.com distributes, and they are used with many different purposes. The common functionality of a flood light is a wide angle of light for covering large areas. These energy-saving flood light fixtures come in different shapes and sizes, which may be suited to different needs and requirements of the customers.

From the lighting of large stadiums and parks to lighting up your own lawn, flood lights are very helpful. They are mainly used for outdoors, but you may see them being used indoors as well, for example to light up a garage or warehouse. They are often used for security and at other times for illuminating advertisements such as billboards. Solar LED flood lights may be used in homes and parks to take out the need for direct power.

Lightingandsupplies.com’s reliable LED flood lights are especially valuable in 24/7 operations, like warehouses. If an outdoor fixture fails and your client needs to take time to relamp, everything must come to a complete stop. That’s valuable time and money lost. With third-party certified fixtures, however, you’ll never have to worry about relamping again. Not for 100,000 hours, minimum, anyway. Also, since outdoor LED flood lights can brighten up loading docks and parking lots with their crisp and clear light, they increase safety for both employees and visitors. Plus, with so many shipments coming in and going out, brighter light also helps security monitor traffic and read license plates or other types of ID. This keeps everyone all-around safer and more efficient.


Die-cast aluminum housing has an impact-resistant, polycarbonate lens which protects the LEDs from water, dust, and debris, making it the most suitable floodlight for outdoor locations.


UL Listed and DLC compliant, this innovative product is made to the highest standards and rated for wet locations.


Intelligently designed, this LED Floodlight fixture provides superior lighting performance at proper Lumens and significant energy savings over traditional fixtures.


Many of our flood lights combine eco-friendly with energy efficient, the reliability of this product makes it confident to stand with a 5 year warranty that backs its minimum 50,000 hour life span.


Flood Lights are perfect for Garage areas, Barns, Dock, Farms, Storage room, Workshop, Equipment room, Walkways, Roadway, Back Door Entrance and for security purposes, both for residential and commercial consumers.


Small Yoke Mount included, this corded led outdoor flood light can be easily installed by mounting to a wall.

What are Flood Lights?

Flood Lights involves utilizing light bulbs of high power to illuminate a big outdoor location. Some flood lights are equipped with motion sensors as well. This sort of illumination is established permanently and also needs a great deal of electric current. Flood lighting could extensively be classified right into 3: facade, basic location and also signage. Each kind entails its own special topic and also challenges which need to be dealt with. Some examples would be supply, installation and upkeep.