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What Are the Differences between Emergency Lights and Exit Signs?

What Are the Differences between Emergency Lights and Exit Signs?

Posted by Anthony Frasca on Jul 21st 2021

Lighting plays an important part throughout our lives —enhancing the atmosphere of a home or storefront, acting as the centerpiece of a room’s design, and even serving as a guide during emergency situations. In fact, emergency and exit lights are an essential —yet often overlooked— type of lighting that is in nearly every building we occupy; businesses, movie theaters, government properties, and more. 

And while their use and relevance remain constant, there are actually some key differences between exit and emergency lights. 

Learn all about the different types of emergency signs, such as wet location emergency lights, recessed emergency lighting, and thermoplastic exit signs, and discover more about when, where, and why each different lighting fixture is used.

Why The Difference Between Exit Signs & Emergency Lights Is Important

On the surface, the differences between each unique type of exit or emergency light might seem negligible to you —however, taking the time to understand the different situations each lighting fixture is best suited is essential. It is essential to have well-functioning, high-quality exit signs specifically designed to illuminate exits during emergency situations. Understanding the uniques benefits of each emergency fixture can help you decide which exit light to install in your own building.

If your home, business, or building requires lighting of any kind, emergency or otherwise, it is crucial to partner with a professional lighting company. At Lighting and Supplies, we currently offer over 7,00 different options of exit lights —with that many choices available, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect lighting fixture to suit your situation. Select from top brands, such as Big Beam, for high-quality, highly durable exit lighting that can handle even the most extreme emergency situations

Thermoplastic Exit Signs

Made from thermoplastic and illuminated by LEDs, thermoplastic exit signs are a sturdy and reliable choice. These commercial fixtures are most often seen as red and green emergency signs and are able to withstand high temperatures. Thermoplastic exit signs are typically shaped like a white rectangle and mounted on a wall on either the top or side of the fixture. Affordable and able to last up to 5-years or longer, thermoplastic exit signs are an exceedingly popular choice due to the number of benefits they offer. Installation of thermoplastic exit signs is easy, the price is inexpensive, and the lights use less than 5 watts of electricity. Whenever you visit a commercial location, such as a bowling alley or movie theater, keep your eyes peeled for the signature red and green emergency signs.

Recessed Emergency Lighting

Recessed emergency lighting is an excellent choice of lighting fixture due to its flushed appearance that pair both aesthetics and safety. Compared to thermoplastic exit signs, which focus on displaying words and hang on the walls, recessed emergency lighting is intended to highlight potential escape routes, rather than the exit itself. These fixtures are most often installed directly into walls or flooring and can be hidden into the design of the building. Recessed emergency lighting is a popular type of emergency lighting used in locations where interior design is prioritized, such as in high-class retail spots, among other places.

Wet Location Emergency Lights

It is essential that emergency lights remain functional at all times, even in situations with extreme weather. While the functionality of some lighting fixtures may decrease, or even outright stop working, in areas with lots of moisture, wet location emergency lights can continue to function even in these challenging circumstances. These highly durable wet location emergency lights are best suited to surviving in outdoor locations and can resist corrosion. One of the best choices for outdoor lighting is the NEMA 4X exit signs, which are highly rated and offer a variety of different benefits. We’ll take a closer look at NEMA 4X exit signs, next.

NEMA 4X Exit signs

As previously mentioned, NEMA exit signs are an excellent choice of wet location emergency lights; however, NEMA 4X exit signs offer a number of other distinct features that make these lights distinct from other types of emergency lights. Not only are NEMA 4X exit signs waterproof and rated for wet and outdoor locations, they also are constructed of corrosion-resistant plastic. Silicone sealed to protect the inside from outdoor elements, NEMA 4X exit signs are also equipped with batteries and emergency backup power options. If you’re looking for durable and waterproof emergency exits, you can easily browse NEMA 4X exit sign fixtures, here.

Learning about Exit Signs and Emergency Lights

Carefully understanding the differences and unique benefits that each type of distinct emergency or exit light offers is crucial for building owners of all backgrounds. Each light, whether it be a NEMA 4x exit sign or a thermoplastic exit sign, offers unique advantages in emergency situations. By learning the difference, you can easily select the best emergency light for your specific necessities.

When it comes to high-quality lighting, Lighting and Supplies works with the top brands to offer customers only the best products for their commercial or residential properties. Select your perfect lighting fixture from us, and reach out to our lighting experts today!