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5 Man Cave Lighting Ideas

5 Man Cave Lighting Ideas

Posted by Anthony Frasca on Oct 10th 2021

Born of manhood, man has always needed a place in his home to call his own. Whether it be a garage or a small corner that was supposed to be a laundry room. There's no shame in this small corner - understands.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, that place is a man cave. There are many forms of them, it’s where you want to watch the most important game for the current MLB and NFL seasons (Go Baltimore Orioles and Ravens!) or Netflix and chill out in your most private place.

The landscape for these rooms is always changing but an aspect that for sure will always remain the same is their purpose. That room is for escaping daily life. Something that Let’s be REAL, you can’t avoid.

But one thing that you CAN avoid is improper lighting for your sanctuary as some of us called it. In this entry, we are gonna show you 5 light ideas that will add a special touch to your man cave.

Man Cave LED Lighting

Need to find the coolest light ideas for your man cave? Look no further! 

Just because it is called a man cave does not mean it should be lit like dark and dingy space. We found that without decent enough lighting we could barely enjoy my own man cave as it is.

So, I knew I needed to do something unique to my man cave light features.

There are so many types of lighting types out there, it can get overwhelming. That’s why we wanted to share the most useful and unique methods we've discovered.

Track Lights for Man Caves

For starters, there is no way to lose with this classic. Tracking lights are your best friend in any type of man cave. You can use it to set the mood on your private minibar, to showcase sports apparel or posters (Remember those Raven Flags that were accumulating dust in boxes, well... you can showcase it in here).

Track lighting flexibility is king, they can also be used for your gaming room, home theater, your retro arcade, cigar room, whatever you can come up with. However, the biggest drawback they have is installation, but don’t worry there are several guides that follow you step by step in all the process.

For track lighting our recommendation is these Westgate track lights, these low wattage lights (10w) give you neutral lighting, not that strong, perfect when paired with colored bulbs, making it easier to adjust and properly highlight your standouts.

Strip... Lighting

Get your head out of the gutter with strip lights from!

Lots of people wonder why these lights have increased so much in popularity, but with the advances in modern lighting in houses, it’s natural to distance from LED downlights and classic bulbs and give priority to more nuance and hidden lighting that gives more freedom in your scenery.

That's why strip lights have become one of the top choices for lighting options for all kinds of spaces. Naturally, with that in mind, including them in your man cave is a no-brainer.

Backlighting for your TV, Lounge lighting for your minibar, Game station lighting for your all-night session. Use Strip lights. With proper installation and tools, you can make them disappear and people coming into your room will question Where those lights come from?

As there’s too much that goes into strip lights, for this article we recommend these simple do-it-all RGB ones, they give you a plethora of color ranges to choose from and aren’t that hard to install.

But beware, always keep in mind, how much cable length do I need? and where do you plan to use it? Answering those questions will do wonders not only for your budget.


There’s no better way to welcome your man cave than a classic big and shiny neon BAR sign. Practically transports you and works as an instant mood changer, believe me, after a long week of work that tiny detail could make your man cave experience that much better.

Neon Bar Signs also are very bright so they can light up your bar almost alone (or your home theater) giving it a practical use that would benefit your lighting making your work easier.

In this article, we recommend this Vintage Bar Sign, this double-sided sign will make your entrance feel like an old tavern or a retro decor for your museum space.

This LED sign It's very practical and doesn’t consume much wattage, also installation is very simple and comes with replacing bulbs, so you can forget about their possible issues burning out.

But what if you don’t like this BAR sign, maybe you’re not into vintage. Well don’t worry this Iceagle Neon Bar sign light is a good neutral point and if you’re more into gaming this Game Controller Neon Sign can be a good fit for your Arcade Retro Mancave or even more Tech savvy Home theater.

Lamps for the Cave

A decor tradition for any house still very relevant to your sanctuary, lamps come in all forms of shapes and are great for creating unique spaces or resembling known ones. How you can imagine a home bar without one of these or a pool bar without one of these

If your cove is going to be a thematic one, like for example a Sports Bar, then fan lamps not only will lighten up your space but fit perfectly with your decor. For example, this Sports Night Light will work amazing as a startup to highlight your sports apparel and memorabilia or give you a subtle late-night sports show feel.

But Lamps are not only for sports, there’s a huge variety in custom Lamps, even steampunk ones. So you can be sure you can find a Lamp that suits any dream place you want and if you’re very much into Baltimore Ravens this is a perfect addition.

Torch and Projectors

Now into more niche selections, Torch is for those wanna be tavern man caves or the ones that are more into hunting or want to create an Olympic pantheon for their sanctuary.

If you think like that these Sunlite Torch Lights are great for you. Easy mountable and LED (Less power consumption) will not only look great but also safe, don’t wanna have to deal with fire.

Last but not least, you can use projectors. This piece of equipment is great for more thematic man caves. For example sci-fi themed ones, home theaters, or for more escape lounges, places to just lay down and see stars.

You can use projectors for both relaxation and fun. For gatherings, crazy galaxy effects mixed with the music can pump out crazy moments, and watch sci-fi movies like Star Wars creates the best landscape possibly for zooming out.

That’s why these light projectors can be a neat addition to your man cave, that ultimately is about relaxing and helping you recharge batteries. We recommend for projectors a FVF Galaxy Projector with over 10 different colors, enough variety for you to be creative.

Shop Man Cave Light Fixtures Online!

While lighting for man caves is not a priority for everyone (That 4k TV or Pool bar is more important) if you are planning to craft your own DREAM place, these light ideas can make your dream come true.

Lighting is what will give them the final premiere touch you want. Whether it be Lamps for your Sports Bar, Strip lights for your home theater, and even the Galaxy projector for your Sci-fi aficionado custom man cave.

Are you interested in giving these ideas a shot but still feel lost?

Whether you feel unsure if you want LED Strip lights with RGB or plain white or are confused on which voltage you should go specifically for your place.

Don’t worry, you can contact our experts, who will guide you through every step of the process and make sure your lighting requirements are met.

Stop dragging your dream man cave, let us help you get it done.

Contact Lighting and Supplies today and get a free quote!