Trulux Tape Lights

Trulux LED Tape Lights by American Lighting is pleased to offer you the award-winning Trulux™ LED tape lighting system from American Lighting. We monitor the industry closely to bring you products that offer innovative solutions. The Trulux™ system of LED tape lighting is among the most complete linear systems on the market today. The Trulux system combines an assortment of LED tape light, wireless controllers, and linear extrusions, for endless customization. With the LED Trulux™ system and its matching components, anyone can build their own unique system in just a snap. Simply choose your LED tape light, a controller, and extrusion housing to fit the needs of your application - under cabinetry, step and stairs, inside recessed spaces, and more.

LED tape lights can be used for both task lighting and as ambient accent lighting when dimmed using the Trulux controls. Convenient wall mount or hand held controls expand the functionality of your system. Wall controls include dial or touch versions that pair with the Trulux app for even greater control. We also have Wi-Fi options available for larger projects that require control across multiple zones. Whether you’re just getting started, or looking to add onto an existing system, we have the Trulux™ product you need. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out our section of Tape Light Accessories and Power Supplies. Or, contact our team of certified lighting experts. They can help answer any questions, and provide you with lighting design and layout assistance for any project. 


American Lighting HTL-WW trulux high output indoor single color tape light kit, 16.4', Warm White. Use high output trulux tape light and extrusions to build your own task lighting systems or custom linear lighting fixtures. Dimmable with most electronic low voltage (elv) dimmers. Excellent color rendering creates a natural light that displays colors accurately. 2835 leds last up to 50,000 hours rated life. Light output ranges from 220-310 lumens per foot, with easy to work with run lengths up to 22 feet. Wall controls include dial or touch versions, or use the truly app for even greater control freedom. Color temperatures available from 2400K to 4000K. Indoor tape is cuttable every 3.94 inches while maintaining cul us safety rating.


The Trulux LED Tape Light System: Controllers & Receivers

The key core value of the Trulux light system is control. Without proper control, the greatest tape light in the world doesn't mean much. But with excellent control, through ease of use and ease of installation, you can accomplish amazing and breathtaking things.

The heart of a Trulux LED tape light system are the Trulux controllers and Trulux receivers.

THE POWER OF BLUETOOTH: These controllers and receivers can communicate WIRELESSLY!

That means you can locate your strip light where you need it, and you do not need to worry about running signal wiring from the controller to the receiver. This greatly simplifies installation and setup. You can use dedicated controllers that communicate via radio frequency (RF) with the receivers, or you can use your smartphone (iOS or Android) to control the lights over WiFi. Wired DMX options are also available for larger installations.

Tape Light

Excellent controls demand excellent light that performs. And here the Trulux tape lights truly shine! A variety of styles and light levels are available:

In addition to the color of light, there are also different configurations of Trulux strip lights that are designed for use in different applications.

With a color, brightness, and style for every need, you can't go wrong with the complete lighting solution provided by the Trulux family of LED strip lights. 


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  Single Color LED Tape Light RGB/RGB+WW LED Tape Light Trulux LED Tape Light Kits Tunable CCT LED Tape Light Submersible, Edge & Bendable LED Tape Light Trulux Pro Kit LED Tape Light
Applications Edge lighting, Cabinetry, Shelving, Coves, Staircases, Toe kicks, Display cases, Light boxes Outdoor living areas, Architectural accent, Landscaping, Restaurants, Coves, Hospitality, Theater, Production, Patios, Lounges Edge lighting, Cabinetry, Shelving, Coves, Staircases, Toe kicks, Display cases, Light boxes Edge lighting, Cabinetry, Shelving, Coves, Staircases, Toe kicks, Display cases, Light boxes Outdoor living areas, Architectural accent, Landscaping, Restaurants, Coves, Hospitality, Theater, Production, Patios, Lounges Ready to install 24V tape light Pro Kit designed for professionals. Includes Adaptive Power Supply
Color Rendering (CRI) 94+ CRI Full Range 94+ CRI 94+ CRI 94+ CRI 90+ CRI
Lumens 140-155 lumens per foot 3-in-1 Varies Up to 165 lumens per foot Up to 240 lumens per foot on White 4000K Setting 335 lumens per foot
Wattage 2.7W/ft 4.6W/ft Varies 3.5W/ft 4.6W/ft (High Output White Setting) 3.65W/ft
Dimmable with most electronic low voltage dimmers Yes Compatible with RGB and RGB-DMX Trulux controllers Yes Dial in the perfect color and brightness with our Tunable CCT controllers available in wall mount and hand-held remotes. (Required for operation) White Trulux is dimmable with Trulux controllers and most electronic low voltage dimmers • Use RGB version (4.4W/ft) with Trulux controllers or the Trulux App for entertaining dynamic water effects Yes
Run Lengths 32.8 feet (24V) and 27 feet (12V) 22 feet 16.4 feet